Frank Olson The Ex-Chemist At Ft. Detrick CIA: Murdered bY CIA After He Found Out His Research Was Used For Experimentation And Torture On People

There are two different distinct agendas of “chemtrails” sprayed out of airplanes: there is weather modification or geoengineering, and then there are biological warfare experiments and toxic chemicals that seem to be disguised by the geoengineering materials, which contain such things as aluminum and barium.

The sons of Dr Frank Olson claim that their father was murdered in 1953 after he discovered that his biological research was being used to torture and kill suspects in Norway and West Germany.

After raising concerns about the killings, Dr Olson was allegedly given LSD in a glass of brandy and then executed by the CIA, triggering what his family claims is “a multi-decade cover-up that continues to this day”.

The scientist began working with the spy agency in the 1950s and focused on biological weapons that could be transmitted through the air.

According to the lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Washington DC, he traveled to research sites in Norway, France and West Germany as well as Porton Down, a British government facility in Wiltshire.

During his travels in Europe he “witnessed extreme interrogations in which the CIA committed murder using biological agents that Dr Olson had developed”.

The lawsuit gives no details about the reported deaths in Europe and the Ministry of Defence would not comment on Dr Olson’s activities in Britain.

A MoD spokesman said that Porton Down had been used to develop countermeasures to biological weapons and “part of this work included ongoing collaboration with our international allies, including the US”.

Dr Olson was apparently shaken by what he had seen and returned to the US resigned to resolve from the agency. On November 19, 1953 he was taken to a secret meeting Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, where he was given LSD hidden in a glass of brandy.

Days later he was brought to New York for “psychiatric treatment” by CIA officials who allegedly told his family that he had become unstable and violent.

At 2.30am on November 28, Dr Olson went through the window of the Statler Hotel’s room 1018a, which he was allegedly sharing with a CIA doctor, and died in the street below.

The CIA initially claimed his death was an accident but in the 1970s, as its activities were investigated in the wake of the Watergate scandal, it admitted that he had been drugged and said that his death was a suicide.

Dr Olson’s family was paid a settlement and invited to the White House by President Gerald Ford, who apologised for the government’s concealment of the drugging.

However, the family remained unsatisfied with the government’s account and in 1996 exhumed Dr Olson’s body and claimed to have found evidence of a blow to the head suffered before his fall.

Prosecutors in New York re-opened an investigation and although they were unable to turn up new evidence decided to change Dr Olson’s cause of death from “suicide” to “unknown”.

The family are now suing the government, claiming that the CIA is continuing to conceal files relating to their father’s death.

“The evidence shows that our father was killed in their custody. They have lied to us ever since, withholding documents and information, and changing their story when convenient,” said Eric Olson.

A CIA spokeswoman said that its covert programmes of the 1950s had been “thoroughly investigated” and that “tens of thousands of pages related to the program have been declassified and released to the public.”

It would seem as if the geoengineering spray could disguise other biological warfare agents and chemicals used for completely different purposes.

This video explores an astoundingly long history of U.S. government experiments on citizens with biological warfare agents and chemicals, from the spraying of San Francisco with bacteria in “One of the largest human experiments in history” to the potential murder of CIA, MK ULTRA chemist Frank Olson who worked at Ft. Detrick.

The film explores Ft. Detrick and how Nazi scientist Dr. Kurt Blome admitted he had worked on Nazi bacteriological warfare projects and had experimented on concentration camp prisoners with bubonic plague and sarin gas at Auschwitz, and was saved from the Nuremberg Trials by the U.S. to later participate in biological warfare experiments on U.S. citizens at Ft. Detrick, as part of MK ULTRA.

The video exposes how currently the Department of Homeland Security is still building another facility to experiment with biological warfare and things they very well could be testing on the Americans right now. This could happen even after safety breaches in recent years at similar facilities and despite the utterly disgusting nature of biological warfare. It is called the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility set to be built in Kansas, to mirror the historically criminal Plum Island Animal Disease facility.

Please share this incomprehensibly long history with anyone who finds it implausible that the US Government would spray the Americans with bacteria or toxic chemicals.

Geoengineering is one main purpose of what is called “chemtrails”, but it can easily disguise bacteria, biological warfare agents, toxic chemicals, and who knows what they may spray on the people, only to be declassified years later like all the other incidents.

What is called “chemtrails” contain mostly geoengineering materials, but the Americans should pay attention if they want to know when their own governement sprays them with even worse things, and they should know their history.

After dinner there on Nov. 19, 1953, CIA chemist Sidney Gottlieb and his deputy served Olson and several others a bottle of Cointreau laced with LSD, according to the Church Committee report. The researchers did not tell their subjects they were being drugged until after they had ingested it.

Five days later, Olson told his supervisor, Army Col. Vincent Ruwet, that he wanted to resign. According to his sons, his decision was based on “ethical concerns regarding the CIA’s conduct, including the extreme interrogations he had witnessed and the experiment at Deep Creek Lake.”

Ruwet contacted Gottlieb and his deputy, Robert Lashbrook, and the men took Olson to New York, ostensibly to be examined by a doctor who had experience with LSD, according to the Church Committee report. Before they left, Ruwet told Olson’s wife, Alice, that he might be dangerous to his family. His sons say he had never been violent.

On Nov. 27, Dr. Harold Abramson recommended that Olson be returned to Maryland for psychiatric treatment. Olson called his wife to tell her he was headed home.

Early the next morning, he fell from the window of the room he was sharing with Lashbrook.

Interviewed by The Baltimore Sun in 2004, Eric Olson recalled the subsequent visit from Ruwet, his father’s boss and friend.

“Everybody had this stony-faced expression,” Olson said. “I remember Ruwet saying, ‘Your father was in New York and he had an accident. He either fell out the window or jumped.'”

Within two weeks, the CIA’s general counsel had formed a conclusion: Olson’s death was “the result of circumstances arising out of [the Deep Creek Lake] experiment,” and there was a “direct causal connection between that experiment and his death.”

But the finding was classified. The CIA told the family only that Olson had died during the course of his official duties, without mentioning LSD. The family began to receive death benefits under the Federal Employees Compensation Act.

After Olson’s death, Ruwet began visiting their mother regularly for drinks. “Thus began the alcoholism that would torment [her] for the rest of her life,” the sons say in the suit.

Growing suspicions

In 1975, a commission appointed by Ford to investigate CIA activities within the United States disclosed for the first time that in 1953 an Army scientist had fallen to his death from a hotel room in New York after the CIA had given him LSD.

The Olson family confronted Ruwet, who confirmed that the scientist was Frank Olson. The family demanded a full accounting, assurances from the government that such experiments would never again be permitted, and a financial settlement.

In the White House, then-Deputy Chief of Staff Dick Cheney wrote a memo to Chief of Staff Donald Rumsfeld on “The Olson Matter/CIA Suicide.”

Cheney wrote that there were “serious legal questions that [would] have to be resolved concerning the Government’s responsibility,” and expressed concern that it “might be necessary to disclose high-level classified national security information in connection with any court suit.”

Ford invited the Olsons to the Oval Office, where he apologized for Olson’s death. The family agreed to a $750,000 settlement, approved by Congress in legislation sponsored by Mathias.

But the sons did not believe the official story. After their mother died in 1993, they had their father’s body exhumed.

The medical examiner’s report in 1953 had described laceration’s on Olson’s body. The 1994 autopsy revealed a previously undisclosed hematoma on Olson’s temple.

James Starrs, the George Washington University forensic pathologist who examined the body, concluded that Olson had suffered a blow to the head before he fell from Room 1018a. He called the evidence “rankly and starkly suggestive of homicide.”

A CIA manual produced in the 1950s had offered advice on killing: “The most efficient accident, in simple assassination, is a fall of 75 feet or more onto a hard surface. … It will usually be necessary to stun or drug the subject before dropping him.”

The Manhattan district attorney’s office opened a homicide investigation in 1996. While they were unable to bring charges, they changed the official cause of death from “suicide” to “unknown.”


Although Olson’s family told friends that Olson had suffered “a fatal nervous breakdown” which resulted in the fall, the family had no knowledge of the specific details surrounding the tragedy until the Rockefeller Commission uncovered some of the CIA’s MKULTRA activities in 1975. That year, the government admitted that Olson had been dosed with LSD, without his knowledge, nine days before his death.


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