Leaked List Of The 60 Secret Richest Families Of America Which Owns The American Government

Dynasties listed below were included in America’s 60 Families, Ferdinand Lundberg’s 1937 expose on the super-rich.

Lundberg used tax records to uncover the often impenetrable financial and political machinations of the 60 Families, effectively publishing a directory of names and occupations of family scions as well as estimates of their fortunes.

These Families control all the economic, political, powers and use and manipulate those powers to often do crimes against humanity, including the biggest and most heinous crime to wipe out humanity through new world order and global depopulation agenda.

“The United States is owned and dominated today by a hierarchy of its sixty richest families, buttressed by no more than ninety families of lesser wealth… These families are the living center of the modern industrial oligarchy which dominates the United States, functioning discreetly under a de jure democratic form of government behind which a de factogovernment, absolutist and plutocratic in its lineaments, has gradually taken form since the Civil War. This de facto government is actually the government of the United States — informal, invisible, shadowy. It is the government of money in a dollar democracy.”

Families are listed in ranked order with the economic factors they are controlling:

1             Rockefeller Family                                                  Standard Oil

2             Morgan Family                                                       J. P. Morgan & Co.

3             Ford Family                                                             Ford Motors

4             Harkness Family                                                     Standard Oil

5             Mellon Family                                                        Aluminum Company

6             Vanderbilt Family                                                  NY Central R&R

7             Whitney Family                                                      Standard Oil

8             Standard Oil Families                                             Standard Oil

9             Du Pont Family                                                       DuPont

10           McCormick Family                                                  International Harvester, Chicago Times

11           Baker Family                                                          First National Bank

12           Fisher Family                                                         General Motors

13           Guggenheim Family                                               American Smelting & Refining Co.

14           Field Family                                                           Marshall Field’s

15           Curtis-Boks Family                                                Curtis Publishing Co.

16           Duke Family                                                         American Tobacco Company

17           Berwind Family                                                    Berwind-White Coal Co.

18           Lehman Family                                                    Lehman Brothers

19           Widener Family                                                   American Tobacco Company, public utilities

20           Reynolds Family                                                  R. J. Reynolds

21           Astor Family                                                        Real estate

22           Winthrop Family                                                  Miscellaneous

23           Stillman Family                                                    Citibank

24           Timken Family                                                    Timken

25           Pitcairn Family                                                    Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. (now PPG Industries)

26           Warburg Family                                                 Kuhn, Loeb & Co.

27           Metcalf Family                                                   Rhode Island textile mills

28           Clark Family                                                      Singer Sewing Machine Co.

29           Phipps Family                                                   Carnegie Steel

30           Kahn Family                                                      Kuhn, Loeb & Co.

31           Green Family                                                    Stocks and real estate

32           Patterson Family                                              Chicago Tribune

33           Taft Family                                                       Real estate

34           Deering Family                                               International Harvester

35           De Forest Family                                            Corporate law practice

36           Gould Family                                                 Railroads

37           Hills Family                                                    Railroads

38           Drexel Family                                                J. P. Morgan & Co.

39           Ryan Family                                                  Stock market

40           Foster Family                                                Auto parts

41           Johnson Family                                            Victor Phonograph

42           James Family                                                Copper and railroads

43           Nash Family                                                  Automobiles

44           Schiff Family                                                Kuhn, Loeb & Co.

45           Patten Family                                             Wheat market

46           Hayden Family                                           Stock market

47           Weber Family                                            Allied Chemical & Dye Corp.

48           Blumenthal Family                                    Lazard

49           Mills Family                                               Mining

50           Friedsam Family                                       Merchandising

51           McLean Family                                         Mining

52           Higgins Family                                         New York real estate

53           Cochran Family                                        Textiles

54           Kirkwood Family

55           Tyson Family

56           Huntington Family                                   Railroads

57           Storrow Family                                         Lee Higginson & Co.

58           Rosenwald Family                                    Sears Roebuck

59           Baruch Family                                         Stock market

60           Kresge Family                                         Merchandising

These families hold monopolies over the worldwide banking system, entertainment industry, food industry, oil and gas industry, shipping industry, metals and mining industry. Through this domination of the financial markets they pull the strings of every government in the world.

The cousin-hood believes in a form of Babylonian Talmudic Judaism. The Babylonian Talmud and Shulchan Aruch contain the legal code which is the basis of today’s Judaism and Jewish law. In fact, Talmudic Judaism is primarily a legal system in a literal sense. It has little to do with religion and is more of an ancient political cult group with many followers who are not openly Jewish. This is why so many Jews openly claim to be Jewish and atheist at the same time.

Sovereigns and Popes, both, usually had one or more Jews as astrologers and advisers, and they frequently gave Jews control over their very life by employing them as physicians. Political power was thus gained by Jews in almost every Gentile nation along with financial power, since Jewish court-bankers manipulated state funds and taxes.

You will find that approximately 90% of people in the world today who call themselves Jews are actually Khazars, or as they like to be known, Ashkenazi Jews.

You are probably aware of the centuries old practice undertaken by many Ashkenazi Jews whereby they would change their name, in order for them to appear part of the dominant race of the country in which they lived, so as they could obtain influential positions in that country, which they would then exploit to serve their real masters elsewhere.

“The Rothschilds are the wonders of modern banking… We see the descendants of Judah, after a persecution of two thousand years, peering above kings, rising higher than emperors, and holding a whole continent in the hollow of their hands. The Rothschilds govern a Christian world. Not a cabinet moves without their advice. They stretch their hand, with equal ease, from Petersburg to Vienna, from Vienna to Paris, from Paris to London, from London to Washington. Baron Rothschild, the head of the house, is the true king of Judah, the prince of the captivity, the Messiah so long looked for by this extraordinary people. He holds the keys of peace or war, blessing or cursing… They are the brokers and counselors of the kings of Europe and of the republican chiefs of America. What more can they desire?” – Niles Weekly Register, 1835-1836

“Who controls the issuance of money controls the government!” – Nathan Meyer Rothschild

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