Tom DeLonge, Blink-182 Singer, Exposes Pedophile Ring Leading to Arrests

The leaders of a pedophile ring have been exposed thanks to former Blink-182 singer Tom De Longe.

He put his celebrity status to good use as he appealed to his 600,000 Facebook followers to identify the men.

Successful arrests were made by the police after his followers banded together to find out the identities of the two men, of which De Longe had posted photographs of.

The singer first appealed to his followers after according to his Facebook post, the two men tried to ‘grab’ a 15-year old girl who was related to friends of the band.

The first arrest was made in dramatic fashion, with De Longe stating that he was found by a “SWAT team” while “stalking another elementary school”.

He went on to say that he believed 10,000 people in San Diego were looking for them.

After being arrested, the first man gave up the identity of the other while then led to his arrest also.

Mr. De Longe then went on to say he and the police believe these men to be just a small part of a larger pedophile ring, and that these two arrests have been important as they have led to ‘connecting the dots’ to other gang members.

This is just one case in a long line of pedophile ‘rings’ being ousted especially on the West coast of America.

Stories such as this are sadly no longer out of the ordinary, but are becoming more commonplace, highlighting the importance of child safety as the world around us grows darker.

Source : livetheorganicdream


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